Virtual Assistants

We provide Conversational AI virtual assistants to improve and modernize customer experience and operations.

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    We engage operational challenges from various industry sectors


    We are a leading provider of Enterprise-Grade conversational AI solutions that enable your company to engage in next-gen customer care experiences.

    Enterprise-grade virtual assistant offering.

    Conversational AI

    Implement state-of-the-art Conversational AI-powered Virtual Assistants that allow your company to provide next-gen Customer Care.


    Integrate your digital channels into an omnichannel chatbot platform to manage customer interactions with agility and maximum security.

    Speech Analytics

    What do you think about asking for intelligence data instead of looking for it? Get the best of speech analytics with GreAI® data intelligence services.

    "The development of our Voicebot, by grupoGBI, has allowed us to increase the satisfaction of our customers who now have a more immediate, close service with high-security standards, thus raising the Customer Experience to levels of excellence."

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    in IDC Future of Digital Innovation 2022


    TRL score

    5 mi +

    End users

    96% +


    50 mi+

    Intents per year


    AHT reduction​

    Our approach to Applied AI solutions

    Using our deep understanding of Data and AI technologies with unique experience in digital CX design, we work closely with your organization to identify your challenges and objectives.

    By combining advanced machine learning algorithms, data modelling, natural language processing, and automation, we empower your business to streamline processes and extract insights from data to make data-driven decisions that boost growth.


    Challenge how to (re)create differentiation

    Applying innovative approaches and tools across the Customer Journey is critical in the digital age.


    Provide an omnichannel automated service

    Personalize your assistance, improve metrics and service agility accross all channels.


    Capture business insights during customer interactions

    Deliver added-value information as the technology develops new solutions to offer a better and more agile service.


    Process customer real-time data

    Trace every interaction and identify your client. Improve sales with data and recognise customer needs.


    Guarantee a transformative Customer Journey

    An end-to-end Conversational AI Platform that leverages every customer interaction.


    Work with Advanced Agent Assist

    A true AI platform that perceives individual nuances, identifies product and service trends and empowers customer Agents.

    Digital Transformation case studies

    We apply next-gen technology to digitize the processes of B2C companies in the financial services, healthcare, and utility sectors.

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