Uncover insights with the power of spoken words!

A cutting-edge technology that allows businesses to leverage the power of voice commands to access and analyze business intelligence data.

Fast forward to business insights

Get the best of speech analytics with GreAI data intelligence services. We apply Speech Analytics to emotional and behavioral data models to get you to the next level of Customer Experience.

The future of customer care

Bring real-time data analysis to your contact center operations. Transform your CX by understanding your customer needs on the fly empowering your agents with NBA and NBO insights to fulfill customer expectations.

Predictive Analytics

Get into the minds of your customers and identify trends. GreAI can analyze all the interactions, understand customer requests, and predict the next steps.

Agent training and mentoring

Provide better training to your agents, getting the necessary information to identify gaps and individual improvement points.

Enterprise-grade solution

Use Speech Analytics to analyze 100% of your calls. GreAI data intelligence services ensure you have all the tools to maximize your compliance efforts.

Unsurpassed Data Analysis

Take advantage of VoizTrail® Speech Analytics. Together, we bring the power of behavioral science integrated with data analysis.

Now you can monitor the emotional content of calls providing a 3-dimensional impression of every interaction without the necessity of listening in. The combined analysis data from a consumer’s call history, identifies common behavior patterns, allowing organizations to align business strategies for the best results.

Digital Transformation case studies

Developing a successful digital product is a complex process that requires choosing the right partner, applying innovative solutions, and following reliable processes.