Customer management: how to transform a service delivery relationship into a partnership?


Jun 22, 2023

One of the biggest challenges solution providers face is attracting and retaining customers. There’s no denying that the customer relationship is key to growing any company and being customer-centric is one way to achieve this.

When looking for new customers several aspects should be kept in mind. First, look to like-minded businesses, that is, companies that have the same principles, purpose and values, to better identify and empathise with and to more easily achieve a common goal.

Another relevant aspect is the product and service portfolio. At grupoGBI, we always endeavour to show customers just how attractive and comprehensive our portfolio is, which can meet not only future but also immediate demands. Our portfolio was built on the customer relationship journey and it is grouped into the following categories:

● Innovation - Customer Experience
● Efficiency - Managed Services
● Evolution - Software Factory

I believe that a company-customer relationship is a partnership, centred around collaboration. All of the above tips are the result of our success at grupoGBI:

“We believe that every problem has a solution and provide alternatives that can efficiently and effectively meet all customer needs.”

To this end, we always discuss all possible options with a customer to find the best solution that we can build together. In the digital age, thinking and acting disruptively are essential to gaining the trust of new customers, and providing opportunities for innovation and audacity in proposing creative solutions.

As new relationships are established, starting with the acquisition of new customers, we need to positively maintain the relationship and satisfaction index of already existing customers. I believe the greatest challenge lies in ensuring the same level of satisfaction and initial enthusiasm.

To do this, when receiving new customer requests it is vital that we understand the customer's situation. Sometimes it can be complex and unexpected, requiring flexibility on our end to change the initial request, for example, by speaking with the customer and making possible adjustments. This implies, above all, offering original and unique alternatives that meet the customer’s needs, and nurturing a mutually beneficial relationship. It also means understanding that sometimes we need to set aside a specific and immediate outcome to increase customer turnover, the long-term partnership.

At grupoGBI, every customer matters, regardless of the size of the project or solution. With the tips and principles we follow here every day, which I shared above, we ensure that the partner is successful in overcoming their challenges and, above all, in the growth and success of their business.

This strategic alignment with the customer needs to be widely adopted by the company. As such, at grupoGBI, we appoint a Customer Success Manager for each of our customers, with the ultimate goal of ensuring an optimised customer journey. This manager is responsible for the relationship, continuously engaging with the customer to get feedback on our products and services, and for providing the company with valuable customer input so that we can make the necessary adjustments to ensure success and the continuous satisfaction of those who place their trust in our services.

At grupoGBI, maintaining an excellent relationship with our partners is a top priority. We strive for mutual development and growth by building a legitimate partnership to ensure the success of both companies. We believe that the success of one is the success of all, and live by our motto: “Grow your Business with Innovation”.

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