Data sharing in the digital age


Jun 22, 2023

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In the Digital Age privacy is guaranteed by design

Today, privacy is the law. Regulations protecting personal data have been published worldwide. We have the GDPR in Europe, the LGPD in Brazil, and the CCPA in the USA, among other regulations, all created to guarantee and ensure the confidentiality of the identity of every citizen in the digital world.

Personal data security is a growing concern in the current environment. The exponential growth in the number of devices in use, along with the increased number of digital services, has led to a spike in cases of exposure and misuse of personal information, increasing regulatory pressure.

Enhanced regulatory frameworks = NEW ORGANISATIONAL CHALLENGES

For companies, these regulations establish strict obligations, with significant penalties that impose the improvement of data processing processes and technologies and the upskilling of the people involved in data processing. The first steps involve adapting legacy processes and designing new processes driven by the need to comply with regulations in force and the need to manage the business risk more accurately.

Despite these efforts, several organisations exposed to the risk of managing information in legacy systems were fined by the authorities for systemic failure in managing sensitive data.

British Airways, Google, and Equifax are examples of the many market-leading organisations whose efforts failed to adequately protect customer information against data breaches.

Data management is a critical activity that is heavily regulated, and a business risk.

Digital age regulations must be ensured by cutting-edge technology. That’s why we provide a platform that offers privacy by design focused on user experience. This solution uses blockchain to transfer the necessary data and incorporates multiple features giving users ownership of their data. All this is linked to an artificial intelligence resource that verifies the authenticity of the information contained in the documents.

Companies that use the Verif-y data privacy platform guarantee 100% compliance with legal provisions, making innovative use of state-of-the-art technology.

Personal data belongs to the USER, and storage is managed and decentralized.

Data owners store their documents (ID, passport, diplomas, etc.) in a digital portfolio and share their information with the requesting companies, which does not require operators to enter confidential data into the systems or save the information, mitigating the risk exposure, while ensuring that consent has been given and assuring the data owners of their right to be forgotten and their right of access to their data, and to the portability thereof. All this through a mobile, customer-owned app that securely stores information in the cloud, without acquisition or maintenance costs, and grants full control over who has access to the information.

grupoGBI wants to help ensure your business complies with data protection regulations. Talk with one of our specialists.

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