Digital Revolution and the Future of Work


Jun 22, 2023

The digital revolution poses challenges that are very relevant to society, especially the world of work, where people will engage with digital entities driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI), whether for data processing or the provision of services.

Over half of the jobs that will exist in the next 15 years haven’t been invented yet. The Digital Enlightenment Forum published a study that concludes that “the problem and the challenge, as ‘old jobs’ disappear and ‘new jobs’ are created, is that the new jobs require new skills and new combinations of skills as well as new ways of collaboration between humans and machines”. Someone who performs an existing job will not necessarily be replaced by a machine but could be replaced by someone who can collaborate effectively with a machine.

The digital transformation of businesses accelerates these trends and brings about greater interaction between humans and AI in a wide variety of business processes. There are several examples of organisations where back-office employees migrated to analytics and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) functions, playing key roles in business digitisation and the future of operations, becoming data scientists or systems analysts, for example, by working on low-code platforms.

“The future that many are still discussing today is already a reality for those who are at the forefront and are already experiencing a digital transformation, like us at grupoGBI. Besides supporting our customers in these digital migrations, we first completed the transformation within our organisation.”

Our employees work with each other and our customers in a virtualized environment where they collaborate, achieve goals and contribute to the expansion of a digital platform that fosters knowledge and work, ensuring productivity and business continuity in a secure, durable and scalable environment.

The future of work involves the emergence of several new jobs and occupations, just like in previous revolutions, a digital collaboration between humans and AI, and the continuous development of the capabilities of an integrated knowledge chain, where the individual and the collective also have AI-driven digital entities that coordinate work and increase productivity and improve outcomes for workers, businesses, governments and society in general.

The future is here for those who embrace this reality.

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