Digital transformation through communication tools


Jun 22, 2023

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the need for digital transformation, as they had to adapt their way of working to a social distancing reality. An example is the large-scale adoption of remote work, which established itself as a valuable option in times of crisis.

Therefore, it was necessary to adopt integrated communication tools to promote an efficient and agile interaction of internal work teams, and customer and supplier service. The goal turned to putting the customer experience as the central axis of business strategies and operations.

Digital transformation: What it is and how to adapt your business to the digital age?

Digital transformation is a process of incorporating a digital culture within companies, aiming to gain productivity, improve performance and optimize results. It is a profound change in internal and external cultural mindset in every type of business.

It goes far beyond the mere adoption of tools and software, as it is part of a commitment to innovation to optimize processes and improve the customer service experience. Integrated internal communication platforms with omnichannel resources, such as our partnership with Rocket.Chat, became fundamental in this process so sought by companies.

The pandemic as a catalyst for digital transformation

The pandemic has been a critical factor in the process of accelerating digital transformation, as it has caused companies to adopt 100% remote or hybrid work models. Then, to improve decision-making processes and routines, emerged a greater integration of its communication channels.

A survey conducted by Robert Walters points out that, in Portugal, only 4% of professionals want to return to work on-site full-time. Following this trend, according to the Kaizen Institute, almost 70% of the companies in the country are planning to adopt the hybrid model. In Brazil, these numbers manifest themselves more discretely, since 48% of the companies would opt for hybrid work in 2022, according to a Robert Half report.

By analyzing these data, we realize that we will hardly see a return to the 100% presential model. But how can companies adapt to this new reality?

Adopting communication tools to start the digital transformation  

Integrated communication tools can make conversations between employees and customers more agile and fluid. Technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and big data applied in chatbots and virtual assistants solutions through deep learning conversation platforms, are becoming increasingly popular and essential for companies looking to improve their services.

Platforms like the grupoGBI offer the agility needed to succeed in the digital transformation process. It also enables a data-driven culture, as the integration of tools unifies data into a single platform.  

Omnichannel, the importance of integration between all communication channels and the issue of data security

The omnichannel concept is based on the appreciation of the customer experience. It is the unification of the marketing, sales and service strategy to generate 100% cohesion in the communication of all channels of a company. In other words, it is interacting with customers in the same way via Instagram, WhatsApp, chatbots, contact forms, etc. An example of a tool that can help in this process through app integration is Rocket.Chat.

In this context, it is important to mention topics such as cybersecurity while handling data and personal information. Nowadays, cyberattacks have become a common threat to businesses. In December 2021, at the beginning of the Omicron variant wave in Brazil, the Ministry of Health went through an attack that took the ConecteSUS application off the air for 13 days.  The app was responsible for storing information about the population's health, especially COVID-19 vaccination data in the country.

And this is just an example since only during the pandemic, there was an increase of more than 300% in cyberattacks in Brazil, according to a  Kaspersky survey.

grupoGBI supports the implementation of robust solutions, such as Rocket.Chat, which provides end-to-end encryption. In addition, the tool complies with the main global standards such as LGPD, GDPR, and HIPAA, among others.

Agility in internal communication between customers and providers

More than integrating different channels, it's necessary to be agile in internal communication and data management.

Communication platforms, such as Rocket.Chat, offer excellent features such as:

·       Channels between departments.

·       Video conferencing and voice recording.

·       Complete Dashboards.

·       Omnichannel integration with social networks and other companies.

The wave of digital transformation we are witnessing right now is something endless and has become mandatory for companies that want to survive. There are many examples, as we have seen.

Do you want to start the digital transformation of your company?

grupoGBI contributes to the implementation of an end-to-end digital transformation for all types of businesses. We support the adoption of omnichannel communication platforms, virtual assistants and other technologies.

We offer complete conversational platform solutions based on artificial intelligence (AI) and maintain our technological innovation centers headquartered in Brazil and Portugal.

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