Meet GreAI, the chatbot that turns WhatsApp into a customer service tool


Jun 22, 2023

What do Amazon's Alexa, Apple's Siri, and Microsoft's Cortana have in common? They are all examples of chatbots. The term refers to robots that talk to humans by voice or text messages.  

Bots, as they are also called, use machine learning, which allows them to learn from users to answer different questions, making them increasingly efficient. The conversation is based on pre-programmed answers to questions previously deduced by the marketing and sales team.  

GreAI, grupoGBI´s chatbot, can support voice and text messages on demand. It can be installed in different customer carte channels according to your business need  The solution can have different levels of complexity, always aiming to improve the customer experience and increase the productivity and performance of communication channels, whether using voice or text.  


What is GreAI, grupoGBI Chatbot for WhatsApp

Probably, you have already contacted a company via WhatsApp and received a quick response with basic information, such as opening hours or notifications like "We are busy, we will talk to you soon".  

This is a streamlined bot format, available for commercial accounts in the application, in which each user programs his or her own default answers. To be able to customize the exchange of messages and optimize customer service, it is possible to build more complex and integrated solutions. We are going to explain how in this post.    

WhatsApp Chatbot as a communication tool for customer service  

According to the research platform Opinion Box, in Brazil, WhatsApp is installed on 98% of smartphones. In Portugal, the application is used by more than 80% of internet users. This proves that using the tool as a self-service solution is a growing need since it enables consumers to have solutions for their questions at their fingertips.  

In addition, the app has already become a sales channel for many companies, since it establishes a more intimate form of conversation and is an environment in which leads and prospects are already familiar.  

Another functionality of the WhatsApp chatbot is lead capture. When an interested person contacts your company, valuable information can be obtained such as phone number, email, and name. With this data, it is possible to obtain legal permission and comply with regional data protection laws (LGPD, GDPR, etc.) to establish segmented conversational flows and the delivery of personalized content. All without the need for human action while exchanging messages.  

Advantages of using chatbot WhatsApp for customer service  

Customer service via chatbot WhatsApp has important advantages for exceeding customer expectations,  besides being a financial economy.    

The bot can answer many requests at the same time, allowing a reduction in the SAC staff, which will be responsible only for the more complex requests that the chatbot cannot handle.  

Improvement and agility in communication  

Easing customer service is, without a doubt, an advantage over the competition and helps empower customers and build loyalty. After all, the bot is available 24/7, optimizing response time and ensuring agility. In addition, it is qualified in accessibility for hearing-impaired customers, for example.  

WhatsApp as a tool for internal communication between employees  

Currently, WhatsApp is known more as a personal communication tool. However, nowadays it is increasingly difficult to separate business tools from individual ones. In this context, e-mail applications available for cell phones come into the equation.  

However, many applications that were converted from desktop to mobile do not have the most suitable interface for smartphones. Meanwhile, WhatsApp is a tool designed for smartphones from the beginning.  

- Positive aspects of usage for internal communication  

During the pandemic, issues such as the need for remote work emerged. Within time, people will likely be able to work from different places devices. And for this reason, WhatsApp offers convenience and versatility.  

It also allows you to make quick calls, send files, photos, videos, and exchange audio, which can strengthen relationships and save time.  

On the security side, messages are encrypted, which prevents data and information from being leaked. We'll talk more about this later.  

- Negative aspects of usage for internal communication  

Since it is often used as an individual communication tool, the division between personal and work life can be hard, especially if the company does not offer work phones to employees. In addition, it makes room for us to be contacted via message or call at any time, anywhere, which is an advantage from a certain perspective but can interrupt moments when we are not working.  

However, installing a chatbot can be an effective solution, since it can handle conversations and incidents at any time. In this sense, it is important to keep in mind that bots need to be extremely well-developed to avoid customer frustration.  Otherwise, what could be a great ally for the image of your company, can become just the opposite.  

At grupoGBI, we can contribute to improving the employee experience of your company. Through the analysis of your internal service processes, we diagnose needs and adapt technology to better support internal customers, also improving the customer journey and increasing efficiency and productivity.  

Data and information security issues  

WhatsApp allows message encryption. However, it does not stop hackers from acting, which can lead to damaging leaks for your company.  

In November 2020, researchers at Check Point Research detected a bug in the security of the data shared by the app, which forced the company to release updates to fix the error.  

In a note, WhatsApp recognized the bug, thanked the studies carried out by Check Point Research, and stated that users should not have been affected by the problem. Still, it can be concluded that the tool has vulnerable points.  

At grupoGBI, we offer solutions that can address this issue.

With GreAI chatbot for WhatsApp, you can create virtual assistants with agile service processes that save time and money, while ensuring a better-automated customer journey with complete data and information security.

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