The role of AI & digital experiences in Healthcare


Sep 24, 2023

The groundbreaking impact of recent developments of generative AI, namely the Large Language Models based solutions (eg. ChatGPT, Dall-E, Midjourney) demonstrated the potential benefits of using such technologies in our daily tasks. The impact will be faced in several industries, and Healthcare is one of the leading industries that are trying to anticipate and leverage such technologies.

From the enablement of a completely new way of accessing and creating contents, through conversational techniques, to more complex and demanding tasks, like the analysis of X-Ray and scan images, the changes are obvious and are here to stay.

According to the McKinsey report: “by 2050, one in four people in Europe and North America will be over the age of 65. Managing such patients is expensive and requires systems to shift from an episodic care-based philosophy to one that is focused on long-term care management.”

Thus, patients, general practitioners, clinics, labs, hospitals, insurers and government should reflect on what should be the Role of AI-Fueled digital-assisted experiences in Healthcare industry in order to operate a major structural transformation that allow healthcare systems to remain sustainable. Let us, share some examples where AI is already contributing to such transformation:

Enhance patient experience: by delivering an AI-based concierge that is capable of understanding and process different type of requests such as, the simple task of provide information about a service timetable to a more complex request like the rescheduling of a medical appointment or the reason why my co-payment as refused by my insurer.

Digital workflow through AI

Reduce administrative workflow: General Practitioners and other staff could dictate notes or reports, freeing more time for human interaction with patients and colleagues. By using Speech-to-text, artificial intelligence could act as an extra help providing health insights based on clinical records.

Medical Guidance and Triage

Provide medical guidance and triage: By using advanced machine learning algorithms combined with healthcare-based evidence, innovative triage systems already deliver accurate and precise healthcare outcomes, contributing to better assess the need of urgent trips to healthcare. infrastructure.  

Sensors for Health Monitoring:  The increase of smartwatches and the use of different pattern identification techniques and algorithms, are making a huge difference on health monitoring, providing the real time capacity to warn patients about a critical condition and reliably requesting the support of emergency services.

GrupoGBI offers a comprehensive approach to innovation on the Healthcare space that could enable numeours benefits, contributing to enhanced patient satisfaction and more streamlined operations. Please drop us a line or schedule an appointment with one of our specialists here

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