Voicebots, the evolution of virtual assistants


Jun 22, 2023

Personalized and automated service has developed numerous tools that combine advanced technologies with artificial intelligence to provide the best user experience and result in advantages for companies. This includes voicebots.  

What are voicebots?  

Briefly, voicebots are the evolution of chatbots. Some time ago, it was only possible to use artificial intelligence for chat services, now the bots can identify consumers' questions by voice and find the best answer in their systems.

With a very detailed and broad development, the conversations may take place in a very similar way to human care. Robots today can understand speech in natural language, comprehend the semantics of any speech, managing to interact with different accents and regionalisms.  

Main differences between chatbots  

The big difference between chatbots and voicebots is in the communication channel. Chatbots are robots programmed using artificial intelligence to interact with users via text messages. Depending on the technology applied, they can have a conversation very close to a human one, in cases of more advanced software.  

Voicebots are designed to respond to voice commands. In this case, even more, advanced technology and a larger database are required. It is worth mentioning, that this does not mean that voicebots are smarter than chatbots. They have, however, to be prepared to deal with the subterfuge of verbal communication, with all the factors surrounding spoken communication. It all depends on the development architecture of each bot.  

Advantages in adopting artificial intelligence (AI) - based voicebots  

1. Improvement and increase in productivity  

Unsurprisingly, employees working in customer service solve many similar problems daily. In these cases, a bot can be the first contact of your brand's consumers in a call. The tool must be prepared to solve the most common questions regarding your products or services.  

As soon as it identifies what the customer is looking for, the voicebot will offer a solution. The service will become more agile over time, therefore, the customer service teams can be available to solve problems of greater complexity.  

2. Customization of Service  

Although your employees have access to a system full of information of each client, they take a long time to assimilate everything indicated there. In contrast, voicebots need a few seconds to identify the consumer they are talking to and all the details they know about them: such as last purchases, interests, and even past unresolved issues.  

In this way, the robot can offer fast personalized self-service, even creating bonds with the customer. All through a simple and fluid voice conversation.  

3. Improvement in service metrics

Thanks to the database available on phone calls, it is possible to improve service metrics. This is because it is possible to trace the origin of the call, as well as identify the customer quickly (via phone number, for example) and you can still record the conversation for future checking in search of ideas to improve sales and identify consumer suggestions.  

Finally, it will be easier to identify new common issues, develop solutions, and understand consumer behavior to prepare employees for better and more agile service.  

All this experience should also be used to increase the number of solutions offered by voicebot. Artificial intelligence should be used as machine learning so that the bot can learn something new after each call.  

4. Customer retention  
An agile service offered by voicebots can be a differential when it comes to customer loyalty. With a quick solution, consumers become more satisfied and likely to come back for new purchases.  

Another opportunity that voicebots offer is to identify new gaps that the company can supply, create new products and map new trends and consumer demands. (Remember that all conversations are recorded and can be analyzed by your strategy team.)  

5. Agility in service  

A great opportunity offered by bots is the possibility of 24-hour and seven days a week service. In this way, users can get in touch at the most convenient time for them and have a quick solution via voicebot.  

6. Failure identification and mapping  

Just as recorded conversations can be used to create new business strategies, they should also be revisited to identify communication failures and develop new responses.  

Through thoughtful analysis of interactions, it is possible to map the points at which the user didn't understand the message, the moments in which the bot couldn't provide an efficient solution and even feelings of frustration expressed during the call. Improving robotic service and even offering a company approach to solve what remained pending.  

7. Omnichannel integration  

Bringing together the benefits pointed out above and, mainly: personalization of your service, improvement of metrics, service agility and mapping of failures it is noticeable that voicebots connected to an omnichannel strategy can offer a user experience in which the communication power of the company is almost immeasurable.  

As we have seen, so many opportunities are offered by voicebots. It is easy to realize the benefits that a company can have in the short and medium term. However, the smart tool becomes even more valuable in the long run. Because of the amount and quality of data captured during each interaction, voicebots become a great ally of personalized marketing. In addition, they are constantly evolving, so you can imagine the power they will achieve shortly.

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